Innocent High – Whitney Stevens

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Innocent High - Whiteney Stevens

It was Mr. Tapper gave her the third degree, but the real fun started when they got back to his office. He followed that up by pushing his shaft deep inside of her teen pussy. Whitney was wearing her schoolgirl uniform but she had fucked it up with a pair of fishnet stockings and almost all of the buttons were undone on her shirt, revealing her big titties. Instead, she got into his car and headed back to the school with him. Mr. Tapper’s turn to be the truancy officer today. This woman is always causing problems for her teachers, at least when she actually shows up in class. That’s when he spotted Whitney Stevens. Tapper couldn’t believe his eyes. He found a couple of coeds but he knew there were still a bunch more so he just drove around hoping to find some more. Mr. He stuffed her pretty kisser with his hard pole. He started at the places the students of Innocent High like to hang out like the local mall. Soon, he was testing out her services

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